Regulatory Compliance Audits

Environmental audits and site assessments are useful tools to help identify areas of compliance, non-compliance, and potential environmental liability. EHS Associates provides full-scale environmental, safety and health audits to uncover compliance deficiencies and identify steps to take to achieve compliance. Company staff have facilitated ISO 14001 conformance and performed environmental audits at more than 15 active U.S. military installations and at dozens of industrial facilities throughout the Southeast.

EHS Associates Eight Step Compliance Audit Process
  1. Plan the audit by compiling and reviewing background information on the facility, relevant regulations, and the scope of the audit.
  2. Meet with personnel responsible for environmental/safety compliance during an opening conference to review the areas to be investigated and to learn about regulatory concerns of the facility.
  3. Visit all areas of the site to evaluate compliance with environmental regulations. Inspect production, maintenance, storage, distribution, waste treatment, disposal, and administrative areas of the site. Also inspect outdoor areas to identify any visible environmental impact.
  4. Interview staff responsible for environmental/safety management to determine how compliance is currently achieved and their level of understanding of their compliance obligations.
  5. Inspect on-site records required by environmental regulations and applicable information maintained by regulatory authorities.
  6. Evaluate the facility's compliance status with a full range of federal, state, and local environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.
  7. Meet with facility management at the conclusion of the site visit to summarize preliminary audit results and any significant concerns which should be addressed promptly.
  8. Prepare and submit an audit report identifying findings and presenting recommendations for how the facility can achieve compliance.

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